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Make the most of your practice time with SUBDIVIDE, the ultimate metronome app.Subdivide provides musicians, educators, and performers with all of the rhythmic tools necessary to take their practice to the next level. From beginners to advanced musicians of practically any instrumentation, this easy, streamlined metronome app will make your practice sessions as effective and accurate as they’re meant to be.MAXIMIZE:Maximize your metronome with Subdivide’s intuitive features:- Adjustable tempo between 1 and 400 beats per minute.- Quarter note through septuplet subdivisions.- Up to 12 beats per measure, each with an accent toggle.- A "Tap for Tempo" button to quickly determine tempo.- Automatic toggle to background mode with other apps. ADJUST AND ACCENTUATE: Meet all of your structural and tempo needs with adjustable measures, tempo, and beats per measure. Accent the first beat of each measure for ultimate accuracy during your practice sessions.CREATE AND SAVE:Keep consistent tempo during every rehearsal, no matter how complex the tempo changes and count structures. With the ability to create and save metronome tracks for playback, Subdivide will always keep up with your rehearsal. The “Tracks” feature give you the freedom to enter all tempo changes and count structures for seamless playback. EDIT FREELY:“Tracks” can change and grow along with your musical pieces. Play or edit your tracks any time. Start playback from any point. Whatever your rehearsal calls for, Subdivide rises to the occasion. TRANSITION SMOOTHLY: Keep time through accelerandos or a ritardandos with the “Transition” feature. Simply enter starting tempo, ending tempo, and the total number of counts and glide smoothly between tempos. KEEP TEMPO UNINTERRUPTED:Subdivide won’t be disrupted by other apps, sleep mode, or notifications. The metronome keeps playing so you can play on without interruption.